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The MOJO team are a passionate and committed group of people, with a unified goal of freeing the innocent and reforming the system.

As an advocate of MOJO you whole heartedly support the cause and mission of MOJO. You are encouraged to attend organised MOJO events to bring awareness to the cause and further promote reform and the need for a criminal review commission.  There are several ways of which you can join as an advocate.



As a registered advisor of MOJO you are one of the following;

Lawyer or a legal representative

Academic Lawyer

As a registered advisor of MOJO you actively endorse the MOJO Project Mission, and become not only an advisor but advocate for reform.  You give MOJO a voice, through your own voice. 

As an advisor of MOJO you receive a one page profile on this MOJO website, and you are registered as a preferred MOJO advisor, of which you receive applications from MOJO applicants to review and ultimately assist with*.

You are invited to attend all MOJO events, and register as a guest speaker at selected events.

You are provided with the MOJO logo to use on your website.

Your invited also to contribute to our MOJO quarterly newsletter and blog.

You will receive a welcome pack inclusive of your own business cards to disburse and spread the word of MOJO.

Membership fee of $2900.00 per annum

* As a registered MOJO advisor we provide you with applicantions of potential miscarriage of justices.  All registered advisors have 28 days to review the application and present a plan to the client that outlines overcoming any potential miscarriage of justice.  

All registered advisors are to provide this service complimentary.

Should their be further grounds only then is the client issued with a costs agreement.

 Miscarriage of Justice is a not for profit organisation. MOJO greatly appreciates and relys on experts with knowledge in specialised fields and all those that do the 'behind the scenes' work, so YES they must be paid for that time, knowledge and expertise.    

However they are paid a substantial reduced fee unlike typical standard legal fees, and MOJO relys on paid membership.  Membership is completely free and you will be updated on events and symposiums highlighting cases.

All proceeds and donations received go towards the legal costs of those currently incarcerated and requiring representation. 


Joining MOJO allows for one collective strong voice to be heard, for those that currently cannot be heard.