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The MOJO team are a passionate and committed group of people, with a unified goal of freeing the innocent and reforming the system.

Do you have a case of wrongful conviction and are in need of support and assistance? 

MOJO accepts all applications. 

The application you send to us is reviewed by our team within a window of 28 days from lodging of which where we find a legitimate claim of factual innocent we will then proceed to assist you.

All applications are notified within this 28 day window REGARDLESS of acceptance or not.

Obviously if you have made your way to this page, you are applying on behalf of the incarcerated person and there are several steps you need to do before completing our application form. 


This is the most important step, because it recognizes that you are the formal representative of the incarcerated person.  Most people in prison are unable to access computers, and up to date information.  Contact with a prisoner is minimal so as their representative you make the legal decisions for them. 

Upon submitting the below application, ensure that you send through a copy of this completed form to us in the email noted on the application form.


Its imperative that to ensure we understand the entirety of the case, we do require copies of the trial transcripts.  You can get them via applying to the relevant court of which the trial was held in, or your previous legal counsel would have a copy. They should have a copy in both hard and soft copy format - ask for a PDF or word version of which you can simply dropbox, drive or email through to us. And if you can include the sentencing remarks also that is appreciated. 


This is one of the most important aspects.  Your legal representation should have been given you copy of this prior to trial commencement.  It contains the overview of the evidence submitted in trial.  So you don't have to provide us with the evidence in detailed format on the application form we ask that you supply this if you have it available.


 Miscarriage of Justice is a not for profit organisation. MOJO greatly appreciates and relys on experts with knowledge in specialised fields and all those that do the 'behind the scenes' work, so YES they must be paid for that time, knowledge and expertise.    

However they are paid a substantial reduced fee unlike typical standard legal fees, and MOJO relys on paid membership.  Membership is completely free and you will be updated on events and symposiums highlighting cases.

All proceeds and donations received go towards the legal costs of those currently incarcerated and requiring representation. 


Joining MOJO allows for one collective strong voice to be heard, for those that currently cannot be heard.