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The MOJO team are a passionate and committed group of people, with a unified goal of freeing the innocent and reforming the system.

nicholas george V THE QUEEN

Found guilty in 2016 of 2 counts of culpable driving, Nicholas George is currently petitioning the Attorney General of Victoria to have his case re-trialled based on new and relevant evidence, that includes;

- discovery of speed recording module in his car that was previously stated was not in the car by the police expert.

- recreation evidence by world expert that places him in the left hand lane and not the right hand lane.

- identification that the other driver was driving with a phone in his hand.

It is this evidence and much much more of which MOJO firmly believes a miscarriage of justice has occurred.

Nicholas is currently serving a 12 year jail sentence for what he was told 'proximity', as location of impact could never be determined.


Convicted of child homicide.

Nine year prison sentence.
Did he really kill his 3 month old baby daughter Alanah?

No witness.

No history of violence or abuse.

No external injuries to indicate abuse.

Joby was convicted entirely based on expert testimony.


Doctors testified that the brain injuries suffered by baby Alanah could only have been caused by shaking.  As Joby was the last person taking care of her, they automatically concluded that he must have shaken her.

The Problem with the Conviction: there is NO science linking those brain injuries to shaking. The link between specific brain injuries and shaking is an unsubstantiated belief that is common amongst a section of the medical community. Even the Doctors themselves admitted that there was no science to back their claims.